Read Our Privacy Policy

We have setup a few privacy policy rules for the sake of our clients and the company reputation management. We are enthusiastic to gather information of browsers and registered users.

We Collect Information of Clients Because:

  • It helps us to make your browser experience better and friendly
  • It gives us the opportunity to improve the performance of our site
  • It connects us to clients by keeping them updated with our new offers or services

Don’t Hesitate to Share Your Information Because:

Each of email and other personal data that you have shared with us is stored safe by using the latest and authorized software. We don’t disclose them or sold them to any third party. In case, we release your information to third party, it is under law and with an assurance that it is not misused.

Note: Third party links are welcomed, but they need to follow some rules which are created especially for them.

Our Power:

We keep the authority to make changes in our policy.

To get some more information about our policy, feel free to Contact Us